The P.L.A.Y. Funnel Method

In the 15 years since I've been working as an advisor, coach or consultant to entrepreneurs and business owners, the most commonly asked question I've come across is this one:
"How Do I Get [More] Clients Using The Internet?"
Of course since the answer to that question isn't satisfactorily reduced to one sentence, the conversation usually stalled out after a few minutes of me trying to cover 20 years of experience in lead generation, relationship marketing, conversion funnels and backend profit maximization, in a few sentences.
How Does Having An Appointment Funnel
Get Me MORE And BETTER Clients?

The term "funnel" as it is most often used in digital marketing today, refers to the systematic marketing and sales sequences, powered by strategy and automation, that escort your web visitors from "first contact with you" (introduction) to subscriber, purchaser or appointment.

The sales and revenue performance of your funnel will be determined largely by the following factors:

Your Strategy (Pre-Funnel Buildout)
Your Offer (What's the deal?)
Your Appeals (What Your Ads/Communications Say?)
Your Hooks/Triggers (What Gets People To Click Ads?)
Your Processes/Sequences (How They Go From Point A To Point B)
Your Technology (What makes "getting it done" Happen? Easier? Faster?)

Yes, I know that a lot of the hype over funnels seems to focus on the technologies like the one this page is hosted on (10xPro), ClickFunnels, LeadPages, ThriveArchitect, and others, but ... (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION) ... your decision matrix (strategy) of who you serve, what you sell them, how you sell them more than one thing, and the way you build your relationship with them through focus and follow up, IS FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the technology you use.
Funnel Category Proliferation: How Come Nobody Hypes Up The "Phone Funnel"??
If you have any familiarity with funnels and the way sales and marketing funnel technologies are marketed online, you've probably found yourself confused about how different types of funnels are categorized:

Some common examples of what we marketers use are:

Appointment Funnels
Webinar Funnels
Email Opt-in Funnels
Facebook Group Funnels
Quiz / Viral Quiz Funnels
Survey Funnels
Facebook Ad Funnels
Book Funnels
ASK Funnels
Product Launch Funnels
Ecommerce Funnels
Affiliate Funnels
Conversion Funnels
Online Course Funnels
High Ticket Product Funnels
Direct Mail Funnels
Platform Launch Funnels

Just a cursory glance at the list above will tell you that there's no consensus framework for deciding what "funnel types" there are.

Some of the terms above are very widely used, others are only used within the sphere of influence of a specific marketer.

Out of all this, what's most important is how your technologies, sequences, messages, and offers, are connected to YOUR CHOICE OF WHO TO FOCUS ON (target audience), THE DAISY CHAIN OF OFFERS/SERVICES you make to them, and YOUR OVERARCHING STRATEGY for deriving mutual benefit (for you and for them) from the interactions.
Appointment Funnels For Consultants
(C.R.A.F.T. Systems)
For years after I started creating lead generation systems and thought leadership platforms for experts, I looked for a simple way to put everything together.

In 2015, I spent over $35,000 dollars and more than 300 dedicated hours of research and concept testing, and began to develop the frameworks - strategy, sequences, systems and statistical pillars - that I would later introduce to the world as the P.L.A.Y. (Platform Launch Activation Year) Funnel Marketing System.

I have had the privilege to guide experts and practitioners in a wide variety of endeavors:

Physicians, Solo consultants, freelancers, coaches, marriage counselors, boutique consulting firm owners, digital agency owners, online course creators, and internet marketers.

In the end, the most important thing about funnels is revenue, retention, and reputation building. With revenue being first and most important.
Author: Gogo Erekosima
Gogo is the creator of the P.L.A.Y. Funnel Marketing Method, publisher of PlayFunnels.NET and Founder of Idea Age Consulting, a thought leadership marketing consultancy.

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